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mountain flying in Steamboat Springs CO
Grass strip takeoff in the mountains of Colorado
Grass Strip takeoff
Maule on grass strip

HALLO Flight Training was designed for the pilot who always wanted to experience adventures in aviation.  Are you getting bored with flights to an airport 50-100 miles away for that $100.00 hamburger? Are you looking for more adventure than doing all those touch and goes at the local airport?   Instead, how about landing at a grass airstrip in the middle of a wilderness area in the Rocky Mountains?  Would you like to setup camp along a forested stream, where there are no cars or RV’s with satellite TV? How about hunt or fish in solitude knowing your only competition might be another pilot with the same adventuresome spirit? Backcountry aviating is one way to experience these types of adventures. But, we also know the mountains can be unforgiving to the aviator who is not properly trained and experienced in the environment.


HALLO Flight Training stands for High Altitude Low Level Operating. The course is designed to develop skills that are not traditionally taught during most flight training. The Basic HALLO flight training course is a combination of ground school and flight training conducted in the real world high altitude mountainous environment of the Rocky Mountains. This unique type of flight training begins at Priest River Airport (1S6), in North Idaho. You will receive 10-12 hours of ground school and 7-8 hours of flight training over 4 days that will provide you a clear and practical understanding of the dynamics of operating in mountains and canyons at high density altitude. The flight training, whether in your aircraft or in our’s is mostly conducted at 1000′ AGL and below. We only operate into known airstrips. Most are dirt or grass. All training is conducted in strict accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations. We can also tailor the training for the pilot who may not be interested in bush type flying. The training would still be conducted in the same mountainous environment, but all takeoffs and landing would be at some of the more challenging paved runways in Idaho.


Whatever your motivation is to the sign up for this training, you will leave with the fundamental knowledge of how to negotiate and understand the dynamics of mountain flying. You will gain an increased awareness of safety knowing you have experienced flight in the mountainous environment and into short non-paved airstrips. When on your next cross country flight to visit family or go for that $100.00 hamburger, will you wonder……if the engine quits, can I walk away from a forced landing into a confined field? Or, will you have the confidence to make a stabilized approach and landing at a speed that is survivable? There are no aviation articles or text books that can fully prepare you to handle this situation. You will only get that confidence by training in the same environment. A well known Alaskan Bush pilot has this theory about aviation emergencies; “You don’t rise to the occasion. You rise to the level of your training, practice and experience.”