Learn your plane

The first day of HALLO training is designed to explore the sight picture, sounds and feel of the lower end of the speed envelope for the aircraft you will be using during the training. This is the critical first phase of training.  This fundamental exercise will provide you the “Fly by the numbers” approach to flight operations in confined areas and short airstrips.  You will also become more intimately knowledgeable about how your airplane feels in different configurations.  By the fourth day of the training and several hours of repetition, it will all come together to enhance your knowledge to safely negotiate the challenging environment of the backcountry.

Most general aviation aircraft have reduced performance capability when operating in high altitude environments.  At HALLO Flight Training Center we will teach you how to use the sun, the wind and the mountains to find lift to enhance performance for your aircraft.

Click on the Syllabus to see what you will be doing during the four day training.