Pilot/Aircraft Requirements

Pilot- Pilots attending HALLO Flight Training must have a Private Pilot or higher Certificate, a current BFR and 3rd Class or higher Medical Certificate that is current. Flight currency is equally as important as the amount of logged time. You are required to have  a minimum of 10 hours flight time logged as PIC, including 30 takeoffs and landings in the 90 days prior to attending HALLO Flight Training, preferably in the aircraft you plan to use for the training.  We highly recommend you review and have a good understanding of the fundementals of aerodynamics. Make sure you bring your pilot logbook, pilot certificate and medical certificate with you, so the currency can be verified by HALLO staff.

Aircraft- Your aircraft must be in airworthy condition per F.A.R., with a current annual or 100 hour inspection (if applicable) and all Airworthiness Directives (AD) complied with prior to your arrival for the training.  Make sure your aircraft logbooks (airframe, engine, propeller) are with you when you arrive for the training.  The A/C logbooks will be examined by HALLO staff to verify compliance.  We recommend having your aircraft mechanic inspect your aircraft, particularly the landing gear, tires and related components for operating off hard surface runways.  If your aircraft has wheel pants, it is recommended the wheel pants be removed to prevent damage from small rocks or brush on some of the airstrips we use for the training.  All Aircraft used for the training must have seat belts and shoulder harnesses for the two front seats, or both seats in a tamdem seat aircraft, and a functioning Intercom system for both seats.  When you register, let us know the make and model of your aircraft and type of engine for the A/C you will use for the training.

Aircraft insurance-To use your aircraft for the training you must have at least liability insurance and coverage to insure the occupants of the aircraft.  The standard in the industry is $1,000,000.00 liability coverage.  Please bring a copy of you aircraft policy to be examined by HALLO staff.


Pilot Certificate
Medical Certificate
Aircraft logbooks (airframe,engine,propeller)
Aircraft insurance policy
Aircraft Airworthiness Certficate
Aircraft Registration (current)
Aircraft Owner’s Manual (POH)
Aircraft Weight and Balance
Seat belts and Shoulder harnesses pilot & co-pilot seats
Functioning intercom pilot & co-pilot
Aircraft annual current and Airworthiness Directive compliance